A downloadable game for Windows

Boost around on rocket-powered office chairs with guns strapped to the front! Shoot your friends while speeding uncontrollably!

NOTE: This game is extremely early in development. Models, sounds, and gameplay may change over the development of this game.


There are currently four maps. The three DM maps are usable. The TDM map is not. The maps are just basic geometry. Details and destructibles will be added in a later version.

The player and weapon models will also be improved over time.

Currently, when you die, you just disappear and become a spectator. 10 seconds later, you respawn. Later, we will add a visual timer and death effects.

More weapons will be added in later versions.

The sound is most likely temporary, unless the community wants it to stay.

Install instructions

Download the file. Open it, and extract it into a folder called "Office Chair Warfare". The game will be inside the folder.


InstallOfficeChairWarfare.exe (88 MB)


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